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This week @ctachargers we recognized all of our elementary students that had perfect attendance for the month of February!!! Each month we recognize our students and give them a small gift to remind each of them that they are a WORLD CHANGING CHARGER!! #perfectattendance #wearechargers #weareworldchangers @buildingaloveoflearning @mslaneslearners @teachermom4life @soarhighgradefive @funlovingfourthgrade @cultivatingcourageouschargers @charterschools see pic

30 days ago Autumn Mattson

UPDATE: KCTC, KIH, and Launch U students— You are excused tomorrow BUT if you want to attend you can still ride the bus or drive yourselves.

about 1 month ago Jennifer Colin

Each month we focus on one of our CTA character traits. In the month of January, we focused on having a GROWTH MINDSET. Every day our students get the opportunity to demonstrate our character traits and our staff and students can give them character trait cards and place them in our character trait buckets that are in our elementary entrance!! Every week we take the opportunity to recognize our students that we have seen demonstrating the qualities of being a CTA CHARGER!! Each month we draw six students that will get to have a special lunch with our elementary principal Mrs. Mattson @cultivatingcourageouschargers We had a great month at CTA focused on demonstrating what it takes to have a GROWTH MINDSET. During the month of FEBRUARY we are discussing, reflecting, learning and demonstrating the character trait of EMPOWERING!! @ctachargers @cultivatingcourageouschargers @mslaneslearners @soarhighgradefive @funlovingfourthgrade @buildingaloveoflearning @teachermom4life @charterschools #wearechargers #weareworldchangers see pic

about 1 month ago Autumn Mattson
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Apr 6 at 7:00 AM to Apr 10 8:00 AM

Spring break!!

Apr 20 at 3:15 PM to Apr 20 4:30 PM

Girls Charging Ahead

Apr 20 at 4:30 PM to Apr 20 5:30 PM

Girls Varsity Soccer Game

Apr 20 at 6:30 PM to Apr 20 7:30 PM

PA Meeting

Apr 21 at 8:30 AM to Apr 21 8:35 AM

Fire Drill

Apr 21 at 4:30 PM to Apr 21 5:30 PM

Girls Varsity Soccer Game

Apr 22 at 11:45 AM to Apr 22 12:45 PM

MSTEP-11th grade

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