Creative Technologies Academy is a Preschool through grade 12 community of learners committed to changing our world by developing students in character, scholarship, and leadership.


Creative Technologies Academy will be the school of choice for students in West Michigan. We will offer rigorous academic courses with built-in character education, small class sizes, cutting edge technology, and competitive athletic teams. Students and staff will have access to the latest technology and be able to collaborate anytime, anywhere making learning a continual opportunity. Students will be eager learners with exceptional critical thinking skills, willingly meeting and exceeding high expectations of character, leadership, and learning.


❖ All students can learn. Achieving the intended outcomes of the educational experience is within the grasp of every student given the time and opportunity. Schools exist to foster learning and ensure the accomplishment of such learning by all students.

❖ Earned success breeds success. The success that students earn in real, meaningful, and challenging experiences affects their self-concept, motivation, and approach to learning. Providing students opportunities to succeed and acknowledging their successes encourage students to seek further learning experiences.

❖ Schools can provide an environment that enables students to thrive. There are strategies associated with successful teaching and learning. Schools can and should create the conditions for learning so that all students may reach a high level of success.

❖ Schools are a functioning institution of the community. Schools should have opportunities, through service learning, to connect with their community.