Safety Guidelines For Morning Drop Off and Afternoon Pick Up

Speed on campus is 5 MPH.

Never drop off/ pick up children on the driver’s side of vehicle.

Never drop off/ pick up children on the three main crosswalks.

Never drop off/ pick up children at undesignated areas.

If you are departing your vehicle you must park in designated parking spaces.

When dropping off or picking up along the auditorium, do not depart your vehicle and be prepared for immediate loading or unloading.

Elementary students will no longer be walked to vehicles waiting in the traffic line. Vehicles in the drop off/ pick up lane must stay in line until spaces are available along the auditorium N of the crosswalk.

Please!!! Show respect to Traffic Safety Personnel; they are providing a safe environment for your children and ensuring equitable treatment for all drivers.

Volunteers Wanted!!! CTA conducts an approval interview and pays for your background check for our children’s safety.

Parking lane map